Pioneer Abstract and Title Company was originally founded in 1898 by William K. Stalcup and has been recognized as a symbol of excellence since its beginning. Pioneer existed before Otero County was even established when the area was still a part of bordering Dona Ana and Lincoln Counties. Even though it was created over 120 years ago, Pioneer Title has only had seven proprietors. The previous owner, Lowell Stephens, a second generation title man, became the company’s owner in 1987 and sustained a 49 year career at Pioneer Abstract & Title Company. Our office is managed by the most experienced staff in Otero County and currently owned by Jimmy and Tina Deer.

Since Pioneer Abstract and Title Company of Alamogordo, Inc. is the only title company in Otero County with a title plant that dates back to the 19th century, we are able to offer the most comprehensive abstracts, lien searches and title certificates in the county. We insure titles from such well-established companies as Chicago, Commonwealth, Fidelity, Stewart and WFG. Our loan closing service is the most seasoned in Otero County and our separate Pioneer Title Escrow Service processes over 2,000 contracts between buyer and seller every month. We also update our tract books within the 24-hour turnaround period from the Otero County Clerks Office. With its state-of-the-art RamQuest policy program, Pioneer is looking forward to another century of service in Otero County.